Don’t settle for just any ordinary set of interior doors that fail to show off your eye for design. Glass barn doors can instantly transform your home or commercial building into a modern architectural space. The best part is that you can find them at incredibly affordable prices right here at Builders Door Outlet!

Glass Barn Doors

For over 15 years, Builders Door Outlet has been one of the leading online providers of glass and wood barn doors in the industry, offering the highest quality products at the best wholesale prices. With an inventory spanning over 20,000 doors, we’re pleased to say that we have something for everyone in stock. Find your perfect glass barn door type, style, and size below and place your order with a click of a button. It’s that simple!

We’re always happy to help our clients find the perfect match for their interior door needs. If you have any special requests or inquiries, just give us a call today to get in touch with a door craftsman and design expert. We’re looking forward to working with you!

The Benefits of Modern Glass Barn Doors


Our philosophy on natural light is the more, the merrier. As the single most important attribute of any building, natural light is well-known for providing numerous physical and health benefits, as well as incredible energy savings. With our glass barn doors, you can invite an endless amount of natural light into your home or business to illuminate the space and lift everyone’s spirits. With our glass barn doors, you can invite natural light into your home or business to illuminate the space.


You don’t have to sacrifice your privacy to install a beautiful glass barn door! The glass is available in a variety of thicknesses and transparency levels to accommodate everyone. Check out the designs below to get a better idea of varying degrees of obscurity between glass barn doors.


Nothing says sophistication quite like a glass barn door. With styles ranging from rustic farmhouse to contemporary chic, Builders Door Outlet has an incredible selection of glass barn doors available for sale designed to please anyone and everyone.


Glass barn doors are the epitome of space-saving design because they can disappear when they’re not needed. Seriously! Most glass barn doors are installed so as to slide into a pocket inside the wall. If you want to keep the entryway open, these doors won’t ever get in your way. Guaranteed.


The beauty of glass and wood barn doors is that they can be installed just about anywhere in a home or commercial building — bedroom, closet, bathroom, office, conference room, and plenty more. They are one of the most versatile door designs ever!

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