Traditional and Contemporary Barn Door Ideas

Traditional and Contemporary Barn Door Ideas

Barn doors can be used for more than just farmhouse-inspired interiors. The use of colors and contemporary glass can make barn doors go from rustic to modern. There have been fun new designs and materials used to create the barn door utility with a modern aesthetic; you don’t have to be a fan of the farmhouse trend to incorporate barn doors in your home.

Contemporary Barn Doors with Specialty Glass

Contemporary Barn Doors with specialty glass can make a great addition to your home interior. These true divided light barn doors go great in bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, home offices, and game rooms. These doors come in a variety of quality wood species such as Mahogany and Andean Walnut. Homeowners can select a glass product to add decorative function (antique glass/ pattern glass), or for added privacy (etched glass/ translucent textured glass). Staining options can vary with suppliers, but there are many options to fit your interior. 

Modern Barn Door
Contemporary Barn Door Set
Barn Door with Glass
4 Lite Barn Door with Aqui Pattern Glass
Barn Door with Glass
6 Lite Barn Door with Aqui Pattern Glass

Rustic Barn Doors

Rustic barn doors are a good selection if you like the antique look. They come in a variety of reclaimed wood and species including Artificial Reclaim Carbonize and Alder. The barn doors in Builder’s Door Outlet’s “Reclaimed Wood” selection do not require wood stains or paint. The textures and colors of reclaimed wood speak for themselves and add to the rustic feel.

Rustic Barn Door
Reclaimed Wood Barn Door
Double wood barn doors
Double Wood Barn Doors with Glass Panels

Traditional Barn Doors

Traditional, 1 panel and Z panel barn doors are great options for a traditional farmhouse look but also blend in with modern interiors. The paint color and stain can set the tone for the room. A single panel shaker-style barn door with sleek hardware and a great coat of paint can be used in a variety of settings. Paint colors like white, light blue, or rustic blue pair well with a beach home or shabby chic interior. A bright statement color added to the simple design can be used to complement a modern interior.

Wood Barn Door
Knotty Alder Double Z Panel Barn Door
Wood Barn Door
Knotty Alder 2 Panel Wood Barn Door

All Glass Barn Doors

Full glass sliding barn doors are beautiful and hard to come by. The availability of specialty glass and the intricacy of the fabrication make these exclusive doors sought after by designers and homeowners. All glass doors can go in almost any room in your home including pantries and laundry rooms. You can find varying levels of privacy and translucency with all the specialty glass options. Acid-etched glass is a great way to keep privacy at a maximum, while still allowing for light to shine through. Moderate and less private glass options can include a variety of textured glass that is not totally transparent but does let you see shapes, colors, and figures behind the glass. Glass barn doors can brighten up your room and give add a touch of elegance to your interior.

All Glass Sliding Door
Acqua Glass Barn Door
All Glass Sliding Door
Reeded Glass Barn Door

Printed Barn Doors

Digitally printed glass barn doors can provide a wide range of design options from solid colors to fade-out designs, privacy stripes, geometric designs, and custom designs. Read more about digitally printed glass here. Colors and design options are endless with this new technology. Some popular trends include the printed fade-out design (shown below), printed simulated divided light, and printed geometric designs with colors.

Barn doors are not just for the exterior space, they can be a functional and visually pleasing interior design element. There are so many options to explore for your space and theme.